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Before division of Russia, it was a very big country in the world. But after division it has been divided in 12 parts.




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Ukraine was being a part of Russia, a very well established country. Here all the facilities and resources are available.

Here mostly all medical colleges are established in early 19th century.

Like Odessa Medical colleges is established in 1900.

Facilities available in colleges – In the college campus and in hostel all the essential things are available for students. Like

  1. Indian Mess
  2. In House Gym
  3. Wi – Fi connection
  4. Laboratory
  5. Library
  6. Transport
  7. Computer lab
  8. MCI Test Coaching Class

Benefits to study from Ukraine

The main advantages to study from Ukraine is very good result MCI Test.

Here ratio is 10:6, means from every in 10 students very easily 6 student, passed in MCI test in India.

Climate – Here climate is moderate and continental. Average temperature is 24 C.

In summer, usually very warm. Here July & August months are very warmest.

In December, climate sets very cold and sometimes heavily snowfalls.

Also in rainy season, very rain falls.

Disease – Due to climate is very similar to India, that’s why here disease pattern is same.

So, here all diseases are mostly same with India.

This advantage for Indian student, that they learn about all the diseases and to the practice there.

Here in medical colleges, patients also come in very big amount. Because here population is very huge.

That’s why, here Internship program is very helpful to students.