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MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the popular countries among Indian Students for Study MBBS in Abroad. From India, every year more than 10,000 students take admission in Russian Medical colleges for MBBS, MS / MS Course.

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia is popular destination for study MBBS, due to many reasons:

  1. English Medium Course
  2. Affordable Fee
  3. Popular Medical Colleges
  4. Easy documentation & VISA Process
  5. WHO & MCI Recognized colleges
  6. Security
  7. Indian Students crowd

List of MBBS Colleges in Russia.

Top MBBS Colleges in Russia

Sl. No.

University Name

Total Fee in RS.

1 Orenburg State Medical University (Yearly) 23,40,000/-
Orenburg State Medical University (Semi Package) 18,72,000/-
Orenburg State Medical University (One Time Package) 15,00,000/-
2 Tver State Medical University (Yearly) 27,30,000/-
Tver State Medical University (Semi Package) 23,00,000
Tver State Medical University (One Time Package) 19,00,000/-
3 Crimea Federal University 15,93,000/-
4 Perm State Medical University (Yearly) 21,45,000/-
Perm State Medical University (Semi Package) 18,75,000/-
Perm State Medical University (One Time Package) 15,00,000/-
5 Mari State Medical University (Yearly) 18,19,000/-
Mari State Medical University (One Time Package) 14,00,000/-
6 Peoples Friendship University 41,60,000/-
7 Far Eastern Federal University 18,72,000/-
8 Russian National Research Medical University 29,90,000/-
9 I. M. Sechepov First Moscow State Medical University 43,55,000/-
10 Siberian State Medical University 20,74,000/-
11 Kursk State Medical University 24,05,000/-
12 Bashkir State Medical University 15,81,000/-
13 Kazan State Medical University 25,98,000/-

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Benefits to Study From Russia
  1. English Medium Course – In Russia for foreign students (basically for Indian Students) all MBBS Course teaches in English Medium.

    That’s why, for foreign students (Indian), study MBBS is very easy.

  2. Affordable Fee – Here fee of MBBS is very low, just started from 9 Lacks (Total 5 Year Course Fee).

    Also, fee is in installment based, that’s why everyone, who belongs from medium family in India, can study very easily.

    Because in just 2 Lack per year fee annually need to pay fee.

    That’s the reason, lots of candidate from Indian student come Russia for Study MBBS Course.

  3. Popular Medical Colleges – Here lots of Medical Colleges, that allow Indian students to study here, are very old and popular.

    Here most of colleges are 50 years old.

    That’s why, in that colleges all the infrastructure wise very good and all amenities are available. All essential equipments are also available in colleges.

  4. Easy Documentation & VISA Process – Our country relation with Russia is very good. Due to all documentation and VISA Process completed very easily.

    Just within 15 days, you will get VISA & Required Permission to Study MBBS in Russia.

  5. WHO & MCI Recognized Colleges – Here all the colleges, who allows to Indian students for study MBBS.

    All colleges are WHO (World Health Organization) & MCI approved.

    That’s why, here according to MCI Syllabus, Courses teaches to all Indian Students.

  6. Security – Here for all foreign candidates, security is very good ( In Campus or Outside the Campus)

  7. Indian Students Crowd – Here every year, more than 10,000 students used to come here for study here.

    That’s why; here Indian student crowd is available.

    Due to reason, if any new student go for study here, then he get very comfortable with senior Indian Student.

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